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What we pride ourselves on above all here at the Barocco are our staff: 22 people to take care of 37 rooms. This is why we are able to guarantee luxury, five-star attention. Reception is open 24 hours, and staff will be happy to provide you with an assistence you may require, whether you are looking for tips on shopping, entertainment, places to visit, restaurants or how and where to enjoy Rome as the Romans do. We also offer ticket and booking services, emergency assistance, and anything else you could possibly need.


Buffet Breakfast

Let us spoil you a little...from 7:00 am to 10:30 am (11:00 am on Saturdays and Sundays) come and sample some of our mouthwatering traditional Italian specialties: cakes and fruit tarts, jam and biscuits, typical PDO quality label cured meats and cheeses, fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals and yoghurt: a delicious, healthy meal you will want to try again once you get back home.


 "Barolo" Bar

From 4 pm to 11:00 pm...why not enjoy a drink at the Barolo Bar, a pleasant little corner where you can relax and meet some fellow guests, read a book or take part in one of our interesting presentations of wines and typical produce or, occasionally, some refined music live performances.